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Report - Hulme hippodrome Manchester June 2016


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wanted to visit the hippodrome for a long time now since I first ever seen pictures from there with all the colourful features. Had heard that it's used as a local church or parts of it are. So decided it was time to try our luck a visit was arranged with @Dangle_Angle and off we went. Didn't get long there and only photos from the stage area. But there is more to see so hopefully a return visit is in the pipeline. So here's a few I got on the day and some history..


The Hulme Hippodrome, originally known as the Grand Junction Theatre and Floral Hall, opened in Hulme, Manchester, on 7 October 1901. It and the nearby Playhouse Theatre, built at the same time, were part of the theatrical empire of W. H. Broadhead. The two venues were connected by an arcade, at the centre of which was Broadhead's company headquarters.

Initially the theatre staged mainly dramatic productions, while the original Hippodrome presented variety performances, but in 1905 the names and functions of the theatres were interchanged: the Hippodrome became the Grand Junction, and the variety performances were transferred to the new Hippodrome.

The Hippodrome was last used as a theatre in the 1960s; from the mid-1970s until its closure in 1986 it was used as a bingo hall. Since then most of the building has remained empty, and it has been placed on Manchester City Council's Buildings at Risk Register.

The building was bought by Gilbert Deya Ministries in 1999, and they hold services in part of the ground floor, led by pastor John Ezedom.













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Yup - saw it even appear on a well known theatre tech forum so now they'll have load of techies coming down for a look... (some of them might reasonably be described as pikies)

Another good site lost to the "general public"...


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you get paid for sharing photographs with the paparazzi?
I have hundreds but haven't much money maybe contact Sunderland echo. :D
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you get paid for sharing photographs with the paparazzi?
I have hundreds but haven't much money maybe contact Sunderland echo. :D
hahahaha no idea if the people who share with the Daily Mail get any cash for it to be honest.. imagine they probably would but not sure to be honest


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It's about 12quid a photo
Is that worth it for a place like this to have hordes of people show up after they've read about it in a national newspaper... people must be very hard up or just attention whores to sell stuff for that price...