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Report - - Hunmanby ROC Post- Yorkshire Group -19/08/2007 | ROC Posts |

Report - Hunmanby ROC Post- Yorkshire Group -19/08/2007

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Last of the six posts I visited this weekend. Called in on my way home to the big smoke after 5 unyielding visits to ROC posts scattered around North Yorkshire. The weather in these parts is strange. Today it looked like the kind of weather that has not been seen since the Poseidon turned turtle in that really naff 70's 'thriller' about a capsized cruise ship :eek:

Situated in the private grounds of a substantial dwelling near Hunmanby. I called at the house and must have seemed to be a stark raving lunatic gibbering at the owner about a nuclear bunker nearby. A night in a tent did nothing for my normal James Bond-esque appearance.

The owner was most helpful and led me past a flock of SAS trained man eating killer Geese. The chief goose had an uncanny resemblance to Steven Seagal and I am sure it had the shoe of an unlucky Bettaware salesman hanging out of its beak...

The owner, who I shall refer to hereafter as David (As that is his name) told me that a relative of his was the BT engineer responsible for the upkeep of the tele comms equipment in the ROC post down the east of England. He now keeps the hatch locked following the unwelcome visit of some of Blair's (Spits...) little darlings.

Anyway... Some piccies and more commentary at the end.

The mound...


Access shaft...


Looking down the shaft....


The chemical khazi...


Just the stuff for stubborn 1960's skid marks....


The comms room.....


The ROC notice.....


No need for an explanation.....


The sump pump handle....surprisingly painful when you drop the last 2 feet of the ladder and it catches you fair and square in your harris....


The post is stripped fairly clean but is in excellent condition for a 1968 closure with not a hint of moisture anywhere.

As if the guided tour could not get any better, David invited me into his magnificent home to look at some paperwork relating to the post and its planning and build.

He produced some fascinating documents with original drawings of the post and a contract between the Ministry of Air and the owners of the property at the time of build (1963) The post was open for 5 years before its closure.

He said he will get them photo copied and send me some copies for further perusal. He mentioned that he was thinking of restoring the post to its former glory. David, if you are reading this, there are 3000 of us on here that would beg you to do just that :thumb

All in all, a fantastic visit, a fantastic owner and some fantastic historical facts gleaned about this ROC post. Oh and the view from the mound... Breathtaking.

He gave me his contact details if any of the board senior members would like to visit, I am sure David would welcome you. (PM if interested) Don't forget to take some goose distracting food with you....

David, I salute you sir... :thumb