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Report - Hunters Point Crane and hotel rooftops San Francisco (USA) Apr 2015


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The largest travelling gantry crane in the world. This beast was used to lift massive ship equipment into place during ship construction and upgrading. It could lift battleship turrets weighing up to a million pounds. It was also used for Polaris missile tests in 1959 where a dummy missile was launched, but captured by missile arrest gear attached to the crane structure.

The explore for this one was a fun one. Went in through a construction site avoiding the security watching tv in his hut, across and down a hill, watching the security trucks go by and timing a run across a large swathe of open ground to the buildings beneath to another run across open ground and up to the crane. We were able to see another secca in his truck doing the rounds and spent a good few hours up there, although I stupidly only had a mini tripod, so not the best angles. As we had just left a cop car inside the construction compound shone his lights on us and we legged it to our cars and got away before he could unpadlock the gates.

The hotel rooftop was a lovely one. Took the lift to the top and just walked up the final set of stairs and out onto the roof. Strolled back down when we were done.

Visited both with Romainpp.