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Report - Hyde Falls, Hyde - November 2013

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Wilson Brook Culvert and Hyde Falls, Hyde

November 2013 - Visited with ViralEye

First discovered by Nckt and Dan Helsing

We started at the outfall of the Wilson Brook culvert making our way through the rubble strewn floor to the small weir made of fallen trees at the infall. Already glad of the waders as the water here got quite deep, but nothing compared to what lay ahead of us.

After a short walk upstream we came to the rather unassuming looking concrete outfall of Hyde Falls. With the water here nice and shallow I was wondering what all the horror stories of wader fail and lost equipment I'd heard of. A little way into the culvert is an overflow from the canal above dropping through a plughole creating a massive amount of spray making taking photos difficult.

Up in front of us was one of the best rock formations I've seen in a drain with the water tumbling and crashing down towards us. As ViralEye was getting shots of the canal overflow I decided to press on. This is when I found out what all the stories were - one minute I'd be in fast moving shallows and the very next footstep would drop to a near waist deep pool. This continued all the way up the rocks which led to the main attraction.

The drain opens up into a big cavern with not one, but two huge falls in front of us. Unfortunately most of this chamber has recieved a coat of spray concrete covering what would once have been bare rock, something I'd loved to have seen. Never the less, the falls made up for this. We spend a good amount of time here getting more photos before heading back down the rocks to the outfall and making our way above ground to the top of the falls.

On our way we had a look at the top of the canal overflow which consists of a short section that goes nowhere and the plug hole that drops to the brook below. Eventually reaching the infall to the falls we are met with a nice large stone arch section that splits a short way in, leading to one fall each. A few more photos here and a little play with lighting we made it to the top of the falls.





















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