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Report - Imperial Works, GL. Murphey's - Menston - February 15.

The Amateur Wanderer

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Murphey's Machines Menston

Evening all,

Yep, another Murphey's report, I've been hot on the tourbus trail today, hitting this and the obvious other in Menston! Still, I'd like to share my take on the place with you, and hopefully you'll enjoy the pictures, stay tuned to the end too! There's a nice little surprise, which I don't think anyone else has covered, let me know if I'm wrong...

The Explore

Had the intention of exploring alone, but bumped into two lasses looking for a way in who were apparently art students and spent the first 15 minutes or so exploring with them! And I have to say, having read a lot of bad press about this place, I was pleasantly surprised! I actually enjoyed the explore finding it to be a little like a toned down (and not wreaked) version of George Barnsleys, which is right up my street! It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I found it a fun little place to spend an hour in...


G.L Murphy’s Machinery Ltd. was an industrial parts manufacturer established in 1930. They were based in this mill, named Imperial Works. The company made tools, belt driven machinery, transmissions and electrical equipment, specialising in items for tanners and leather manufacturers in addition to glue and gelatine plants. They produced batch runs of specialist components and carried out renovation work on various machine parts. Imperial Works is primarily constructed from locally mined millstone grit and features an attractive redbrick chimney.

During the second world war Muphey's, like many other factories throughout Great Britain contributed to the war effort creating parts for the Royal Air Force, which they were subsidized to do by the Government.


The exterior of the factory, taken on the way out.


The only machine left on the ground floor is this lovely Archdale Radial Arm Drill...




Clocking in...


Still some time sheets left over in the 'IN' trays too :)


Starrett Precision Tools - Imperial to Decimal Conversion Sheet (If you didn't know...)


Moving upstairs now to the small workshop...




The Stores... I didn't have any torches with me, so I shamefully flashed the shit out of it with my old Minolta Flash Gun... :D


I doubt I'm the only one who has a strange fetish for old electrical gear, so here's the old Memrex equipment...


The Drawing Room, was a shame to find all the plans had gone though, hopefully to a good home, rather than a tramps bog roll...


Now for the bit which isn't usually seen... (Never thought I'd say this but) A big thanks to security if they're reading who where kind enough to give me a brief walk round this part of the factory which is now been used as a live storage unit. Obviously this was once upon a time the main shop floor where most of the machining and manufacturing would have been taking place. Sadly the machines are long gone, but you get an idea of what the shop floor looks like, and a look at the over head gantry and crane, which is powered by a small petrol engine! I guess it's worth been cheeky and asking sometimes eh? (After you've got your other shots of course :p: ).


Cheers for reading as always guys, and I hope you enjoyed the report, even if a lot of it was a bit repetitive! :)


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Nice ones mate :thumb

Quality Photos

Was told it was closed for business...obviously not :)

This and the others i"ve never even looked at, and as you know they"re local to me as well WTF? i"ll travel down South & North etc and not do the doorstep stuff :wanker

Any thoughts on the PM mate ?
Last edited:

The Amateur Wanderer

28DL Regular User
Regular User
Cheers Guys!

Acid - Cheers mate, it's worth a visit! I found 3 potential entry points when I went so more than do able, again pm me if you need!

About St Georges, just waiting to arrange a visit with James (Borolad) he's been a bit busy with work etc recently though!

jST - Heard a lot of people slagging the place off saying it's shit and not worth going to, but I didn't seem to think it was a bad little explore...


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Cheers Guys!

Acid - Cheers mate, it's worth a visit! I found 3 potential entry points when I went so more than do able, again pm me if you need!

About St Georges, just waiting to arrange a visit with James (Borolad) he's been a bit busy with work etc recently though!
It was just i"d read on some Forum recently about the owner being frustrated with the volume of traffic & had taken measures shall we say....obviously not ;)

Look forward to a visit North mate :thumb

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