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Report - International Hotel Seaforth (Liverpool, Oct, 2017)


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This grade II listed building (ca 1900) was originally a pub and then the International Hotel. A pretty, wedge-shaped ‘flamboyant renaissance stye’ building, it was damaged by fire in 2014 and is now being renovated into apartments. However progress is less complete than the exterior might suggest, and appears to have stalled. The basement is partly scaffolded to the first floor, but the roof is finished and rather good quality new windows installed on the upper floors (the windows apparently never had glazing bars). Visited with urban chemist junior who dutifully took some of the better pics (to cheer him up we then went on a quick tour of the wonderfully filthy Commodore Lithographs). Pictures go from the basement up.

The remains of cricket pads on the right - crumble when touched.

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Yeah good work, perhaps a little late with that one but for every ten crappy pubs you go in one will have some epic in it


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Really good effort mate, i wish i could put this much effort into going out exploring, I've missed a lot in Manchester over the past two years with redevelopment and lot getting out enough.


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Gosh, walked past last week on a whim, nothing has changed at all, looks like whatever plans where made have fallen through. Fairly typical of the area though, once a building suffers a fire or becomes vacant, life never seems to return.

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