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Report - J. Marr & Son St. Andrews Dock - Hull

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28DL Full Member
After meeting up with Squirrell 911 at the 2nd Birthday pissup last month and realising that we both live in Hull, we thought it would be rude not to put a plan of action together and get some exploring done.

We went down to the old Docks with the intention doing both Lord Line and J. Marr, on what was quickly becoming the coldest and windiest night of the year. Squirrell give me a whistle stop tour of Lord Line but seeing as he did it a few weeks ago, we decided to leave it for a later date and concentrate just on J. Marr.

Many of the companies that were down on the docks were to do with the fishing industry and J. Marr was no exception. It was the base for the Operation of trawlers and the sale of fish.

J. Marr and Sons (also once known as Marr Vessell) is one third of the same building as Lord Line but has no direct access between the two; so we had to find a rather interesting method of access ;)

Once inside, we quickly found that it maybe pretty sealed up now, but someone's been in and muntered it good and proper at some point.


A very apt sign stuck on the glass window in reception


Nice Banister detail


Wall Charts scatters in the corridors


The Computer room has seen better days


No wonder the paperwork was all over the place


Fishing grounds map


The battered Boardroom with St. Andrews Quay in the distance


The furniture was scattered and a photo of someone looking important on the floor