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Report - Kirklees College, Huddersfield - September 2019


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History of the Infirmary:
Huddersfield's first infirmary was opened in 1831 to designs by architect John Oates. It was built in response to concerns about industrial accidents and funded by public donations. Originally set in landscaped gardens, its grand entrance was modelled on a Greek temple. Through later additions, its accommodation grew from 20 beds to 85 by 1885. It was last in use as a college. The roof is leaking significantly causing damage to the roof structure, walls and interior. The building has been subject to heritage crime. Its re-use forms part of a major mixed use development proposal, Trinity West

The college history: (stole from another thread)
Kirklees College started life as Huddersfield Infirmary in 1831 up until 1967 when the Ramsden Technical College moved in, they paid £105,000 for the site.

In September 1968 the first students began lectures and the first new building on the site opened in 1969. The main new block was built in 1971 - the year the college became Huddersfield Technical College. In 2008 Huddersfield Technical College merged with Dewsbury College to form Kirklees College and relocated in 2013.

The campus incorporates 10 buildings over a 6.1 Acre site ranging from the old hospital complex to modern blocks of classrooms.

The Explore:
We had too use our brains to gain access,

Eventually we got in via the infirmary, as we ventured around inside we made our way into the college after having a mooch round the old infirmary, The site itself is massive but once your inside gaining access to the buildings is pretty damn easy as most the windows are smashed and doors are left open.
We had no issues what so ever. Spent a good 4/5hrs wondering around going from block to block.
There is a lot of fire damage to many parts of the buildings.
Overall a really good explore!

Thanks for reading!












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On a Huddersfield theme tonight! I went to the creche in the green hut in the grounds of here, my mum went here in '92.

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