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Report - Knoll hill wind testing tower...May 2010

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Knoll Hill wind test tower....Before developers construct a wind farm, they first measure the wind resource on a prospective site by erecting temporary measurement towers. Typically these mount anemometers at a range of heights up to the hub height of the proposed wind turbines, and they log the wind speed data at frequent intervals (e.g. every ten minutes) for at least one year and preferably two or more. The data allow the developer to determine if the site is economically viable for a wind farm, and to choose wind turbines optimized for the local wind speed distribution..
Well what can I say , I walked past last week saw this 200ft ladder in the middle of nowhere , went home read up on the whys and whatnots and then waited for a nice day…
So fast forward a week to today , walking toward the tower with butterflies , I set up my tripod , took a swig of Redbull then……Woosh
All is going well for the first 175ft but as I get higher the wind gets stronger , so I climb round the back and carry on to the top. At the top the tower is swaying at least 5ft each way (or so it feels)…
I get out my little point and shoot and get the picture that I had done all this for…


Behind me


Above me


Below me


I wish I had taken my other camera up but that was catching the action from the ground..


Sorry about the pictures :eek:
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