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Report - Kolmanskop - Ghost Town - Namibia - March 2013


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Whilst on a break from hunting for shipwrecks, we paid a visit to what is probably Namibia's most famous ghost town. Namibia has many ghost towns, nearly all related to mining activity. I have images from several others for another post, but Kolmanskop probably has the most intact buildings and is easily accessible. Unlike Saddle Hill for example where you will need patience and a head for dune driving, Kolmanskop is only about 6-7 miles outside of Luderitz, just off a tarmac highway (most of Namibia's roads are gravel at best). If any of you watch Josh Gates, don't believe the nonsense they tell you on that particular episode of Destination Truth. You don't need a dune buggy to reach it, it's very easy in a regular vehicle, you don't even need a 4x4.

Kolmanskop was abandoned to the elements in 1954. We did the dutiful thing and bought a photographers pass in nearby Luderitz but we did run into one other explorer who hadn't bothered. No guards, nothing. However, apart from the other explorer we had three hours of wondering in and out of collapsing buildings with nothing but the eerie howling wind for company. Some houses looked more modern than others. If the panes of glass hadn't shattered on doors or windows some rooms in some buildings looked almost modern. The minute the glass had shattered then the desert begins to encroach and the following small photo sample gives you a flavour.

Enjoy !

p.s. I'm new here and yesterdays report on the shipwrecks has prompted a couple of replies asking me not to put image tags on the photos. Frankly, I don't have a clue what you are going on about ! I've done a few things in my life, writing and exploring being counted amongst them. I can use a computer but I'm a long way from geek status. It took me long enough to work out how to get the images on here from the photobucket account I had to open. Might I politely suggest that if you have OCD and are offended by the images having IMG after they appear, then rather than trying to lecture me on etiquette you might instead provide detailed instructions on their removal. I'm not being paid to do this and am more interested in passing information onto fellow explorers than painting a work of art. Urban exploring sometimes means getting your hands dirty.....