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Report - - 'La Mine' Haute Vienne, not far from Oradour Sur Glane | European and International Sites |

Report - 'La Mine' Haute Vienne, not far from Oradour Sur Glane

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First report and I know it's not a great one, so feel free to recycle - you know it makes sense!

My parents have a house not far from Limoges - lucky me! The advantage of this lies not just in free holidays but also 10km away is Oradour Sur Glane.


I'm not gonna put any more up as there are plenty on here already.

Also, about a mile up the road is an abandoned mine. I have not been able to find out much about it as my french is sketchy at the best of times but industrial heritige defeats me!


The buildings are clearly visible from the road.

Some of the roofs have even been restored, although no one seems to no by who or why.


Anyway, I was out for a stroll with my wife and 5 month old baby and decided that I'd waited long enough for the opportunity and took a punt on a path down the side of the old entrance. Thinking that I'd be back with the misses in about 20 secs as there was bound to be a big fence..... There is something to be said for the French, there not to bothered about health and safety. If your not meant to be there you should look after yourself, it seems.

No fence, warning signs absolutley nothing!

So having promised the misses I'd be back in 5 mins i ran round the site like an excited monkey in a banana plantation. Resulting in a lot of shit pics and and me being denched in sweat (it was 29 c) There are not many pics but I intend to go back sometime later this year. So here's a taster.







There is alot more to see, so next time I'm going on my own with a packed lunch. Also I'm sure there's a way into the workings, the bricking up that's been done doesn't seem to extend much beyond any undergrowth.


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28DL Full Member
Here you go mate

In the afternoon of 10th June 1944 a detachment of SS troops arrived in Oradour-sur-Glane, a peaceful town near the city of Limoges in central France. The troops sealed off the entrances to the town and rounded up the inhabitants, including those they had collected from nearby farms on their way in.

The assembled residents were initially told that this was to be an identity check. However the women and children were then separated from the men folk and the (200 or so) men were split up into smaller groups and taken to various barns or warehouses around the town centre where SS troops set up machine guns facing them. The women and children (approx 450 of them) were taken to the church and locked in.

Only one woman managed to escape from the church, through one of the windows. Several of the men escaped the slaughter at the various barns and managed to hide or flee the town.

At the end of the day, the SS had murdered a total of 642 men women and children.