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Report - Labyrinth - "Is he a madman?"

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---- MINI REPORT ----

Visited on Monday with Alias,

Only did a little bit of the upper section as walking from the south to north tired us out.

Anyways after stock up on lucozade we got kitted up and went down. Our aim was to walk from the southern section i previously explored to the bits more north.

Everything was going well, passed features of brook and then got to the relief junction and began to walk up it. We passed a few smaller tunnels coming in but not big enough for a person and slowly but surely the water level began to rise, bit further on it got higher...... crap not going too well. We walked as far as we could before the level became "breachable" so i had a quick rough look at the map and we went back and got the car.

Couldn't be bothered to change as it was only 5 mins away but we got there parked up and found an entrance further up from where we entered.

Just as we was going down two old people appeared from a drive and started walking towards us we continued as normal and closed the lid. As they walked over we heard him say "Is he some kind of madman" which made me laugh

Anyway Sure enough the water level had gone and we could hear a rumbling in the distance.

Further up the pipe we met out first junction and stepped over the lost JD torch. continued up and we met up with another larger junction with the big stair set. Looked awesome just off to the right was another set, we took some quick photos and set off back.

Well head back after the piss up to photograph it more but i had to get some sleep due to jury service in the morn!.







As Alias was shooting film im sure hell post pics up when there developed.