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Report - Lafarge Cement Works, Westbury - April 2015


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Visited on two occasions with @END-PROC, @Seffy, @Idavoll & TheFamousThreeGoTo (doesn't go on here very much anymore).

This place kind of reminds me of pyestock in a way but much dustier, as my car seats could attest! On our first visit we split up and through miscommunication/probable fault of our own, didn't get to see as much as the others. So, I paid the place another visit and very glad I did. It's a very enjoyable mooch that has much to offer, particularly in the nice weather that we had at the time.

In February 2009, Lafarge announced that all manufacturing at the plant, which was opened by Blue Circle in September 1962 and taken over by Lafarge as part of a £3.1bn merger deal in 2001, would be suspended as a result of increasingly difficult cost and market conditions. The plant finally ceased operations on 30th May 2009.

Cement from the plant has been used to build landmarks such as Cribbs Causeway Shopping Centre, near Bristol, which was completed in 1998, and Dorset County Hospital in the same year.

The plant, which has two kilns, recorded its biggest output in 2002 when the plant produced 823,000 tonnes of cement. Lafarge were recognised for their environment performance by winning a top environmental prize at the Business in the Community Awards at the Royal Albert Hall, London, in 2007, which was presented to them by former US Vice-President Al Gore.
















Thanks for looking.



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Was good this, on both occasions, except for the last few minutes of the second trip... :D Good photos dude.


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Was good this, on both occasions, except for the last few minutes of the second trip... :D Good photos dude.[/QUOTE
Was good this, on both occasions, except for the last few minutes of the second trip... :D Good photos dude.
how recently did you go and do you have an address or co-ordinates? Really want to make a visit in the near future.


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Great shots on this one. Nice to see the cooling tower so close.

Got in here couple of weekends ago myself. Did a runner when we tripped the alarm about an hour in as heard the police come with dogs.
Not keen on the dogs.


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Girls you can't make comments like that without giving us the lowdown
It's just lazy. You could have found that in exactly two mouse clicks, four clicks if you count getting a full screen aerial map.
I feel we may of blown things out of proportion... OK what happened is that we made around the site undetected no problem whatsoever. We had heard about the tannoys going off before and Seffy wanted to test them out on our exit. So we brazenly ventured across open ground and within seconds they went off so we made our exit with haste. We seen some one of the cameras move direction but it didn't spot us. Anyway, we get back to the car and leave down the track thinking about what we were going to do afterwards. Before making it back to the road I see two police cars and what looked like a secca van making their way towards us. I was expecting them to stop and block our access which would of been extremely easy. But no, they sailed on by to the very empty club house we had just left. It was a quick response!


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Dear all, Now the chimney is gone the site will no doubt be a bit more active? I plan on making a trip here as I don't live far, Can anybody tell me the alarm system details? How do you trip them, I Don't really want to but any help would be greatly appreciated
Many thanks


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