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Report - - Lallian's mill, Birmingham 31-08-08 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Lallian's mill, Birmingham 31-08-08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
After MANY months of looking and biding my time, I finally had the chance to get into the bast looking mill in the area. Diluted and myself had already taken advantage of the bad weather and re-explored a glass factory on the other side of town. We did the usual and grabbed a bite at our fave pub, then off for a rainy afternoon of reccying.

Result with this one. Last used for the production of Indian food-stuffs, but originally may have been tied into the very popular local breweries. At the time of it's construction, there were around 10 local brewing companies, so it's possible it may have been used as a malting mill to supply the local breweries. I'm still looking into the records to find out if that is actually true.

(taken earlier this year!)

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Cheers for looking, and another great explore with diluted:thumb

Full set of pics:


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
OK, finally getting somewhere with the actual history of this place.
It is not clear exactly when the building was originally built, and this is complicated by a renumbering of the street around 1880. Next door to it was a flour dealer in 1873, but there is no mention in the directory of anyone at the site. In 1876 the site was occupied by a "beer retailer"(John Reeve) and a brass founder. I suspect the building now there had not been built. In 1890 a company was formed to take over the brewery of John Hutton (who presumably built the brewery) and carried on till 1891 still calling themselves Huttons brewery. They went bust in 1891, but started up again in 1894 after combining with an Oldbury brewery. , calling themselves the City Brewery. they were listed in the directories of 1896 as that. By 1899 they'd gone bust again. In 1912 another "beer retailer" (William Webb) and a metal manufacturer were there, and by 1921 Willaim webb wqas still there , but there were 3 other firms also on the site.
And here's an old photo of how it would have been, living by the building..........

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