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Report - Lauderdale Tower - Barbican EC2 - Sept '11


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28DL Full Member
After cracking Cromwell tower last weekend with One Flew East & Ratfink, myself and Ratfink decided to go back and explore the rest of the estate in hope of cracking another of the three towers.

Eventually, we found ourselves standing in the lift of Lauderdale, heading straight to the 41st floor.
After reaching the top, we headed straight up the fire escape to find the door to the ladder (of which we thought would take us to the top deck) unlocked. We climbed the ladder to find nothing. And settled with taking pictures out of a gap in the glass on the fire escape..

Until I noticed an easy climb up some pipework onto the roof of someones flat - where we could climb onto the staircase that would eventually lead us to the highest point.
However it lead onto what looked like a glass roof, with only a small ledge at the side with seemingly a 41 story drop below.
We decided to head back down, and attempt it under the cover of darkness.

Fast forward 4hours, we were back in the lift heading to the 41st foor again.
The climb was a lot more straight forward, and to our advantage, the neighbours weren't in to see us scrambling up their roof.
The ledge where we thought was a drop thankfully dropped onto a balcony. Which made it a hell of a lot less daunting.

A further staircase and two ladders later, we found ourselves on the top deck of the tower, with the most stunning view I've seen.

Big ups to Ratfink for this. What a night...













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