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Report - - Law Hospital, Lanarkshire - 6/2/08 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Law Hospital, Lanarkshire - 6/2/08

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Since i only live about a mile away, I thought it was about time I went exploring around Law Hospital. The hospital closed for good in 2001 when services transferred to Wishaw general.

it was weird walking around these buildings as I had been in so many of them when the hospital was operational and had crutches just like the ones in the photo when i smashed my knee!!

Anyhow im going back next week for an official guided tour of the hospital. Im going to be carrying on my project of site specific art in abandoned and disused spaces here through a set of photographs of ghosts of paitients past. And photographs depicting peoples memories and stories from the site. If you have any stories or anecdotes please let me know!

The best story so far is the one where they lost a corpse in the snow on the way too the mortuary but im not too sure how to make that into a photo!!! :eek:

anyhow here we go with todays images:

This is just 1 of the four theatres in the hospitals A block, if you had your tonsils out as a kid, it was probably in here!


Another theatre in A block the reason this light isnt smashed is because the room is in complete darkness, it has no outside windows so no one ever goes in, i simply stuck the camera in the door and let the flash do its thing.

Ward 1 in A block, one of the old fashioned nightengale wards with the nurses station in the middle


The physiotherapy department.

The canteen, and the stuff in the box used to be potatos, convienently located next to incontinence pads!

Accident and Emergency


And last but not least the mortuary, which someone convieniently gave me the key to the front door for :)


the mortuary fridge shelves