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Report - - Les Landes MP3 Observation Tower & AA Battery 07/08/08 | Military Sites |

Report - Les Landes MP3 Observation Tower & AA Battery 07/08/08

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
MP3 Tower - Les Landes, Jersey, CI. Was fitted originally with a huge Freya radar aerial the base of which survives at the summit of the tower. It came to be known as Fu Mo West (Funkness Ortungsgerat West) - Radar Set West. The tower is also protected by two Anti-aircraft battery's. These were built on the orders of Adolf Hitler after the famous Bruneval raid on a similar radar site in France that did not have any protection.
Today MP3 stands not just empty - but forlorn. Very few visitors know of its existence and even knowing residents seldom grace it with a visit. It is possible to enter MP3 and to do so alone is an eerie experience:eek: as one listens to the wind blowing ceaselessly through the observation slits and the surf thundering against the rocks far below.
Anyway on with the pics


MP3 was built right on the edge of the cliff and seems to defy reason as to why it does not fall over the edge:crazy


The tower MG "Sally Port". The wooden surround was on all embrasures and was designed so that small arms fire and shell splinters would be absorbed.


Nearby is the Generator bunker & personnel shelter, this use to be open but has recently been sealed due to vandalism:(


No.1 Anti-aircraft battery. Below both AA batterys are personnel rooms.


Gas lock area below No2. AA Battery with some wartime graffiti. This whole area was adorned with these painted flowers, Obviously the German personnel must have been keen gardener's:rolleyes:


Entry into the bunkers below ground was hard due to back filled entrances some of which were as low as 3 foot in height, but this should not stop an intrepid explorer.:thumb


These towers are unique to the Channel Islands there being none like it along the Atlantic Wall. This tower surely merits restoration and preservation.
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