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Report - Leverton Hall, Young Offenders Secure Unit, Essex, September 2016


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Leverton Hall (Formerly Boyles Court)

Leverton Hall was a 16 bed young offenders unit designed for children aged between 11 and 17, housing both males and females

It was opened back in 1997 and ran it's course as a secure welfare unit up until its closure in 2014.

The unit was closed after it failed an 'ofsted' inspection, deeming the 'school' inadequate to run and show progression in the offenders housed there.

Conjoined to the unit next door is Leverton House, which was used as a facility to ween the offenders off the secure unit and back into open life.

Leverton once housed Child killer 'Jon Venables' although it is un-clear what year he was imprisoned there and how long for.


Currently the land upon where the building sits has been sold to MardenHomes, where rumor has it, it will be turned into luxury flats.

From Looking at the plans, they intend to keep the Grade II listed building and the entrance attached to it.

The Secure unit itself looks like it will be knocked down and made into the housing.

Residents of the local lane near by the unit have already expressed their concerns with the new development plans. some saying the flats look very big and are concerned about traffic flow around the small country lanes.

From not seeing any reports online and hardly any information about this place we are sure not many people have been here, if any!

The building itself looks like it was closed yesterday. Apart from a few broken roof tiles its in amazing condition.
only found 1 room with some mould in which was screwed shut.

The Explore

First of all i want to say a huge thank you to @slayaaaa, @UrbanDuck & @mockney reject

For this only being my 3rd explore it was very reassuring knowing you had people with you who knew what they were doing so cheers guys!

i also managed to drag a long another friend who had never done anything like this before, @DRZ_Explorer - so thanks for joining!

The way into the site is a bit far from the main access road and does require a 10 minute walk through some rather eerie surroundings!

Access to the unit itself was 'interesting' to say the least and i won't go into details but it did involve a little bit of climbing. unfortunately we weren't very graceful and made a little bit of noise! but luckily there's no one around to hear anything.

Anyway, enjoy some of the pics that i took, this is only a selection of my favorites. i took over 170 photos so if you did want to see more just ask. i also took some photos inside the House next door if anyone is interested let me know.













And lastly, this very creepy bear found out in the courtyard!


Thanks for checking out the post, hope you get a chance to do it, great place!


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