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Report - Little Plumstead Hospital, Norfolk, June 2014


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Hmm strange it's still sitting there. I might try and get along to that one. Nice report!


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Didnt know I had replies on the thread lol. The builders are still there but very slow lol. The main admin bit and the building on the other side of the road opposite it is still there. The other buildings to the side of the admin are still there. The whole area is scattered with houses and a new school, not sure if that was there when you last went?
Wow! LPH is still there? My mate and I did that place when it first shut down - got to be around ten years ago? They'd knocked almost all of it down last time I went - and that was at least 4-5 years ago. Moved up north since. Did the builders go broke or something?


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Does anybody know if this place is still standing and how likely it is you'll get caught :L Or does anyone know the owners


av u seen my marbels
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Last time I went I got a gun and taser drawn on us for our troubles, ask the builders who are there though ;)


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My dad worked there as a nurse in approx '78, he took me in on serveral occasions and I can remember patients banging heads on walls and stories of other patients waiting for birds to land on open window sills, then catching and biting their heads off. Sad times.
Would also help out at the Wednesday Club in Norwich, where others in the community with mental health problems would meet up: bruised shins from indoor hockey !
There was also a guy who walked around Norwich town centre (Elm Hill) who had would say "Bang bang,James Bond, man with the Golden Gun"
Looking back, this was a great life experience. Thankfully I have also managed to bring up my kids with similar (not so extreme ) experiences.