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Report - Liverpool airport (old) October 2016


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This isn't very exciting but thought I'd post it up anyway. Was passing by the old airport with @Dangle_Angle he mentioned there was some old airplanes around the back so popped in to take a look.Dont know anything about planes all I know is I very much doubt they will ever fly again. Here's some history and photos..

Liverpool (Speke) Airport (also known as Speke Aerodrome, ICAO: EGGP) was the original Airport of Liverpool, 280 kilometers northwest of London.
Although it is officially still in use, I consider the current Liverpool John Lennon Airport a new airport, as it shares only the ICAO designator and the runway that was originally built for Speke in 1966.
Speke Aerodrome started scheduled flights to Manchester and London in 1930, but was not officially inaugurated until 1 July 1933. 100,000 spectators visited the airport and 246 aircraft attended the opening display. One of the first operators to use Speke was Blackpool and West Coast Air Services. Their first scheduled service was Liverpool-Blackpool, costing 18 shilling (90p.), including the return fare. Other early operators included Aer Lingus and Hillman Airways with D.H.84 Dragons and D.H. 89A Rapides. Others included Midland and Scottish Air Ferries with Avro 10 and Avro 642 machines. Railway Air Services also operated D.H. Dragons and K.L.M. Royal Dutch Airlines operated Fokker F.XVIII's from Amsterdam. Other operators quickly appeared, such as United Airways, Crilley Airways and British Airways.














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I thinks it's a hotel or conference rooms not sure.

Will Knot

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Looks like a few more units there since I last went.....but when I did one of them was open and operated as a flight simulator which we had a go on!!! ;)
Nice report BTW :thumb


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, the fighter is definitely a Meteor,
Pics 1 & 3 is a Percival Prince (boy, we sure knew how to name aircraft back then),
Pic 4 is a BAe Jetstream 41,
Pic 10 (the peeling red one) is a DH Dragon Rapide,
Pics 8, 11 & 12 (the DAN-AIR twin engine one with the red stripe) is an AVRO 748,
The large silver airliner is a Bristol Britannia.

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