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These photos are from early 2016 when I had a bit of a chapel spree. Jet noise may be the sound of freedom but it can get a bit tiresome and these small chapels provide a welcome break from it.

Almost nothing is known about St Peulan except that he was the son of another clergyman, from South Wales around in the early C6th. It's far less clear why he is claimed he founded this church. The building on the site now comprises of elements from C12th and C14th though most is of far later date. The roof and interior fittings are mostly C19th. when many churches were renovated. In November 1349 the recumbant clergymen serving the church died, almost certainly of the 'black death' as did a few more on the island.
The most notable feature within the church is the rectangualr carved trough used as a font. This predates the current church and is likely to have originally been a relicquary. Some historians have suggested it could have been an altar but their evidence is flaky.
Construction of the building is primarily of rubble with some faced local gritstone. Overall of simple design and construction and to my eyes all the better for that. It has been redundant for around 15 years and sometime before my visit had been repointed with lime mortar (replacing the modern cement mortar that was falling out).









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