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Report - LlUESTY HOSPITAL- holywell, july 2015

scotty markfour

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28DL Full Member
HISTORY- This historic former hospital has recently sold in london at auction for £275,000 , it is thought that 70 houses will be built on this site . built as a workhouse in the 1830s and expanded over the years it was eventually to come under the auspices of the NHS in the late 40s , the place has been in the media a couple of times for horrible reasons ,a fire that swept through a ward killing 21 immobile patients in the 1960s and a visit in 2006 by cilla black for bbc wales , the hospital closed in 2008 due to a new hospital opening down the road .
recently in its derelict state Lluesty has suffered at the hands of arsonists ,vandals ,druggies and gangs of local youths who usually hang out on the front steps of the hospital outside the perimeter fence.
the site is in well better condition than its big brother denbigh , plus there is no security to speak of and you should be able to cover everywhere in 3 hrs aprox , there is a caravan on site that we thought was occupied by security , on closer inspection it was derelict too !
THE VISIT-after doing barron hill mansion in beaumaris we thought we would check this place out on the way home , it turned into a full derp as we had plenty of lighting in our equipment (be prepared) , visited site with new member cazel#HT and we thoroughly enjoyed this site . it soon started to get dark which made the visit even more adventurous , there is some fire damage inside but mostly everywhere was pretty solid , at one point we heard a commotion in the next room , cazel#HT shit herself n held onto me , i thought we were about to be collared by security and called out to them to identify themselves , it turned out that we had spooked a trapped bird and it was banging into the window trying to escape ! the window was fastened shut so i opened it the old fashioned way with a toilet bowl , and off the birdy flew ! i recommend this site to be visited as soon as possible folks cos you never know when the developers will move in ?
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