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Report - - Longbridge Overnight - 24/11 & 25/11 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Longbridge Overnight - 24/11 & 25/11

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Since it would appear I'm practically the only person NOT to have started a Longbridge thread, here we go :D

Me & Snappel decided to spend a little time at Longbridge after hours, to go over old ground, perhaps cover something new, and get a feel for the increase in security activity. We weren't disappointed on that one....

We met up in the local McDonalds carpark, having navigated past hordes of drunken teenagers (Longbridge is full of them :eek: ) and were joined by BenWRX. One dose of caffeine later, and we made our way round to the site.

Parking up in a nearby residential area, we went for the subtle approach and made our way down to the usual entry point individually. The dark and nasty weather helped to ensure nobody gave us a second glance, and having passed by security, we met up again on the other side of the fence.

With all the activity in the Flight Shed recently, we chose to give that a miss and headed straight for the Assembly Plant. Access is stupidly easy, but at the same time massively exposed. Once inside, we went straight for the first floor level on the parts side of the building.

We were probably mooching about for half an hour or so, lining up some shots etc. I'm just framing up a long corridor shot, when I spot what was unmistakably a car driving across the end of the building. Inside......

Oooh fuck! I shot over to the other two and told them what I'd spotted. Not a great start to the night. We made for higher ground to get out of the way and plan our next move. Snappel points out that the way we came in is the only open vehicle entry/exit point, so the general concensus is that I should sneak back to the top end and look for wet tyre tracks, since Snappels eyesight sucks and BenWRX is bigger than me.

I navigated the mazelike gantry structures and eventually overlooked the top end of the building. Cue confusion. Tyremarks a plenty, but not just car tyres. Forklift truck prints, recent. The other two join me and we ponder whether the FLT's in the corner were there when we came in or if they've moved. Nobody can remember. Fat lot of use we are, then....

Since we can't be sure whether we are actually alone, we move on to the paintshop. Short dash later and we're in. Oddly, a few of the fire doors are propped open, so we proceed with due caution and continue our pictoral exploits. A quick tour round the bodyshells on the ground floor, and we make our way upstairs for another caffeine hit and a snack.

Suitably rested and refreshed, we carry on round and have a mooch at the dipping tanks. Finding more than our fair share of sticky painty dead ends, we find ourselves in the lacquer and drying tunnel (the Death Star detention block corridor). Since we have plenty of time to kill, we decide to follow it to its conclusion. Further down, it takes a turn, slopes up a level and gets very very dark. Snappel comments that its like a Ghost Train. I'm inclined to agree, pointing out that if something jumps round the corner and screams, I'd either clock it with my Mag, or more likely have a pebble-dashed pants moment.

The tunnel levels off and stretches off into the distance. Hoping it leads above the roadway and into the other paintshop, we decide to follow it. Well it sounded like a good idea at the time. Mere feet into the inky blackness, and we suss out that it isn't really designed for foot traffic, since the metal panels underfoot are somewhat springy and "pop" back into shape whenever you move your feet.

Now its very hard to maintain any sort of stealth when every few feet one of you is making huge echoing bangs. Couple this with Snappels infectious giggling and we descend into a level of UE immaturity seldom equalled.

"Shhhhhhh, slow down"


"Shit" *muffled laughter*


"Fuck!" *more sniggers*

And so on, for a good 10 minutes, after which we suss out that all we've managed is to double back on ourselves, end up back where we came into the building, and alert everybody in a 2 mile radius as to our exact location....

It seems like a good time to make plans to scoot across to the power house. Back down the stairs and..... Hang on, weren't all these doors open before? Oh for fucks sake, here we go again.

Down to the far end of the paintshop, and out of another door, we end up with a quick dash across a road between two buildings and into another door. Look left, look right, run like fuck.

Seconds, and I do mean seconds, after we get through the door, BenWRX spots the patrolling car drive past the end of the building, maybe 10 metres from where we just crossed and in full view. Shit a brick, that was too close for comfort. Still, we're across, we're indoors, lets have a looksee what we've got here.

Another door opens, and what an unexpected sight!

Its the other end of the assembly plant. Bollocks. Fucked up again.....

Decision time once more. Go for the offices, the second paintshop, or an assortment of buildings right next to security.

Unanimously we agree on more caffeine (me), chicken soup (Snappel), and a cancerstick (BenWRX) in the workers canteen.

More planning by torchlight, an agreement that these plastic chairs were designed for function rather than comfort, and meercat-like behaviour from me every time something clanked that wasn't clanking before. Eventually, none of us are bothering to stifle our yawns, and the masquerade of masculinity stops. We're bollocksed and head back to our quiet spot in the paintshop for a bit of shuteye. On the way we come across the plans for the clean-up and recommencing of manufacture of the MG TF in early 2007. Cue a big ol' smile on my face.

Tic toc, tic toc, tic toc. Time passes, we all independantly go through a number of equally uncomfortable sleeping positions on what can only be described as the coldest hardest and stupidest surface to pass as a bed I've yet to encounter. Eventually we've had enough not-sleep, and spurred on by a definate human presence downstairs, we elect to regroup offsite and work on it from there.

By the time we get back to the cars, I am absolutely knackered, and faced with a 2 hour slog up the M6 I wuss out and leave Snappel and BenWRX to it. I give them a quick guide to getting into the East Works with minimal effort, directions to the Tunnels, and bid them adieu.

All in all, an entertaining night, and always a pleasure to hook up with Snappel and BenWRX. Thanks for the company chaps. :thumb

Only a few pics from me, since my cam simply isn't up to near dark photography, or more specifically focusing in it. I'll leave it to Snappel and BenWRX to hijack the thread with better offerings.





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