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Report - - Longcross barracks- nov 2008 | Military Sites |

Report - Longcross barracks- nov 2008

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Former barracks for military personnel posted to the DERA site just over the M3. Had to see what all the fuss was about here and after staring through the fence for a while wondering how to get in, saw a very handy gap at my feet. The answer is usually obvious if you step back! Place is in generally good nick but some rooms are actually flooded by rainwater from holes in the roof.


rounded a corner and bumped into a fellow explorer. No i deer what he was doing there...








After leaving, I followed the path to see where it went and found the private underpass under the M3


Which leads to here, the entrance to the former DERA site


That's one for another day



Stay Safe
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Re: Longcross barracks- nov 2008 report

seems a shame such good buildings are going to waste when the army in need of good places to live... >>> Duncan

Problem is its a purpose built barracks in the middle of nowhere which could not even house a company of men, it was built as all Senior Rank & Officers Accommodation to service the many DERA establishments in the area. Longcross has no Vehicle Parks, Workshops or Storehouses.

Project Slam is building new barracks where they are needed most, mainly in Colchester and Catterick Garrisons. Aldershot Garrison is winding down, and even the closest barracks at Deepcut are due to be vacated from 2013 onwards and move to Worthy Down.

The Catering Branch have already vacated St Omer Barracks in Aldershot (The Tower Block) and moved to Worthy Down, and it is due for demolition.
Bullar and Browning Barracks (Medics, RLC & Gurkha Logistics Regt) are also listed to be vacated from 2015 onwards to move to Catterick.

Chelsea Barracks in London is also being demolished and it was far larger than Longcross. The Guards have moved to Woolwich 11 miles away instead of half a mile from Buckingham Palice!

I used to work within DERA (renamed QinetiQ) and lived in at Longcross and taxies to get anywhere cost an arm and a leg. Good Mess on camp however.

I had a look last year and was disappointed, because I remembered how it looked in its hayday.
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