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Report - Longhorsley ROC post - Northumberland Group - Feb 2010


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Explore: Longhorsley ROC Post
Location: Compound off footpath, Longhorsley
Visited with: Vector and 1 non-member.

Closure: 1991

Master Post

Visited after sunset, so no external photo unfortunately. Post is in a compound off a footpath, and is in a clear area.

One battleship lock is in place, but the clasp cut. The clasp on the other side had been pushed shut and it took 3 of us about 10 minutes to open - it was certainly stiff. First (recorded) visit since Nov, and the previous visit to that was nearly a year ago, going by the visitors book. The clasp is probably looser now but is still going to take some effort to open.

Post in good dry condition both internally and externally.

Contains a stretcher, bunks with bedding, jerry cans, and all the usual paperwork etc.

1 - Post is messy but in good condition.

2 - Desk Area - Cork O Rings for FSM tube.

3 - Cupboards

4 - Stretcher and Jerry Cans

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