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Adrian B

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28DL Member

Hope someone can help me. I'm a TV drama producer, currently developing a (fictional) series mainly set underground in London, among the disused tunnels and stations of the tube network. Tfl have offered to show myself and the writer I am working with around Aldwych station, but we would love to have an 'unofficial' look at some of the other locations that are featured on this site and others. Completely confidential and off the record of course. We just want to experience underground London first hand - the photos and videos we've seen here and elsewhere are incredible, but the real thing would be even better...

Hope someone is able to help - thanks for reading.



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Adrian,these sort of requests don't go down that well,especially as you are asking people to show you a complete stranger round places which fall under criminal trespass,so i doubt you will get any sensible requests,as for drains..google is your friend

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