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Report - Lost Alfa's and Heavy Metal - Belgium Tour Nov 12 (Day 3)

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Day 3 of our Belgium tour started with an early get up for an hour and half drive to meet up with a couple of Belgian contacts and seek out some lost Alfa Romeo cars hidden under a rather stunning castle.
As per the previous day our contacts failed to materialize despite promises right up until the night before, oh well be pushed on ourselves and found this stunning castle, the building was well locked down with bars on all windows, underneath hidden away we found the cars.
Apart from the cars there is a labyrinth of underground corridors which unfortunately we didn't explore fully and most doors we found were locked (one for another time)

The castle....


Underneath hides the Alfa's in a quite atmospheric state.....







Once finished here we headed back to the car, eat some brekky and discussed our next move, IM Powerstation was our destination.
Off we drove straight into a big fekkin hole.................. We guessed this hole was for planting trees, not cars ! no bollards or road marking etc but doh :(


The car was literally beached on one corner, part of the bumper was ripped off, fluid was leaking from the bent intercooler as well as lots of broken plastic pipes and ancillaries...... oh fuck :eek:

Credit to the locals who came out en force and helped 4 scruffy looking Brits build a ramp and back the car out, one phone call later and recovery truck arrived, towed us away and provided a shiney new hire car to kill :D

Back on the road 3 hours after the incident we decided on visiting "Heavy Metal" instead of IM as it was closer and time was getting on.

Heavy Metal is a mahoosive plant which used to make steel plates, it's hard to guage the size of it from the pics and we only scratched the surface and after a half hour cat and mouse game with the roaming security in the building we scarpered whilst the going was good.

I'd love to spend a day here as it has soooo much to offer, defo one to return to on our next trip:)








We managed to somehow evade security unscathed and with the last hour of light headed to this rather derpy looking place which was very close by, i think we got the co-ords wrong as we expected this to be La Charbonnage but pretty sure it's not :crazy

Anyway after disturbing some guy getting a blowy off his girlfriend whilst parked up at the entrance to this place we all agreed it was fucked but getting to late to go anywhere else we took a few shots anyhow as the light inside was quite nice.





And that was that for day 3..... cheers for looking (only one more half day to go) :D