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Maginot Line - Bunkers and Pill boxes in Alsace


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The Maginot Line in the area near where I live (the three lands area of France Germany and Switzerland) does not have the large forts up North. A treaty of 1815 after the defeat of Napoleon forbade France of erecting any fortifications within three leagues (about 14k) of Basel. The area was hastily defended in the mid to late 30's when the neutrality of Switzerland was suspect. It appears mainly artillery and infantry casemates and small machine gun posts were built. There are many of these along the banks of the Rhine. I went for an explore using a 1930's map and headed from Basel in Switzerland, through St Louis on the Rhine toward Kembs then back toward Sierentz and finally back to Basel, about 40k. here are the pics of St Louis and the Rhine pill boxes, the casemates of Kembs and Sierentz will be in posted later, I hope you enjoy. St Louis Bunker 1 is an infantry buker protecting a rail line to the Rhine, St Louis Bunker 2 is identical on the other side of the line, could only just see it but it looks like it is back filled. St Louis 3 is just a small pill box overlooking the Rhine .

St Louis 1

St Louis Bunker 1.jpg
St Louis Bunker 1-1.jpg
St Louis Bunker 1-2.jpg
St Louis Bunker 1-3.jpg
St Louis Bunker 1-4.jpg
St Louis bunker 1 plan.jpeg

St Louis 2
St Louis Bunker 2-1.jpg
St Louis Bunker 2-2.jpg

St Louis 3

St Louis Bunker 3.jpg
St Louis Bunker 3-1.jpg
St Louis Bunker 3-2.jpg
St Louis Bunker 3-3.jpg


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These are from the First line of defence along the Rhine. I may try a revisit to the second bunker I visited in St Louis better prepared as the trees and bushes was just too thick to find an entrance, but i think it had been closed and backfilled. I believe it is a mirror image of the first bunker but facing the opposite way down the old railway line. I hope to put up some larger stuff from the Second line of defence Infantry casemates and fixed MG positions. later on today.