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Report - Malvern Girls Boarding School Worcestershire Feb2011


1 of them cnuts off 28dsl
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Went here recently with theengineer and ultravox just to say sorry to vw as we went early from another explore as theengineer had to be back early but he had a cancellation so we had time to do something else.The pictures make this place look good but in reality its pretty well fucked and pikey stripped but on a plus side it still has 2 building well and trully sealed but a look through the windows shows them being fucked too.
Brief History

Ellerslie School was a school for girls which joined Malvern College.After joining Malvern College a new house was built and aptly named Ellerslie House.When the new building was completed this large school spread over two sites was vacated and now all sits empty awaiting its future.Most of the old buildings are listed so should remain in place.

Malvern Civic Society

After the merger of Hillstone (Malvern College's Preparatary School) with the Downs School in Colwall Malvern College considered selling the large site that is closely associated with Malvern’s historic water cure. The site occupies a triangular piece of land between Wells Road and Abbey Road; the existing buildings only occupy a third of the site – the remainder were school playing areas – tennis courts, etc. This sale has now been delayed.


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