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Report - Mansfield General Hospital - 15/7/08


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Well this one turned out to be a bit of a blast from the past in the end! Last i knew of the place was when people went about a year ago before the Notts pissup and got chased off by the caretaker guy.. They all said it was shit and empty so i pretty much wrote it off as not worth the effot.

However! luckly Rooks must have been looking at the old reports and seen it was pretty good and pursuaded me to have a look. Once inside it all came flooding back, the TV room, the radios, the comedy dog posters, Eddie ward... all stuff i remember seeing in reports years ago and id fogotten what site they were from :thumb

The place is totaly the oppisite of what people had said to me. Its CRAMMED with stuff, more than West Middlesex or Wolves Royal ever were! Its all a bit trashed but it kind of adds the the place in a way.. It relly relly creepy too! Its a total maze with bits added on here and there. Makeshift boarding covers most windows and doors are locked and baricaded with old chairs and junk. You have to find ingenious routes around the place and stuff like that makes it interesting to say the least!

We didnt cover half the place in 2 hours, we were a bit worried the PIRs would still be active and relly didnt want to get cought this time so id relly like to get back and see more..


Operating Theater


Examination room




X-ray corridoor


Kids x-ray




More X-ray




The x-ray room had several walk through changing rooms. I assume it saved time as the next person didnt have to wait for the previous to get dressed again..


The famous TV, if you dont know this used to be switched on and could be seen from the front of the site to make it look like someone was there! there also used to be a couple of radios swicthed on inside to scare you off! the power is all off now but i can imagine how creepy it must have been for the first explorers! :crazy


Another comedy security measure, along with the dog warning signs and beds nailed over doors and random stuff like tht its got to make the place the most comedicly secured ever!

loved it :thumb


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