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Report - - Mansfield General Hospital 4/12/06 | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Mansfield General Hospital 4/12/06

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Today DBS and myslef went down to Mansfield to look around the hospital and the brewery, we managed the hospital but run out of time for the brewery.
Access was quite hard, but thanks to Dweeb for the tips, the place is fenced quite heavy. We got in but came to a dead end as some doors were sealed, so it was back out and find another way to get round the doors.

The building is definately showing that it has been unused for 14 years, virtualy every painted surface is flaking and some of the floors upstairs are dodgy (i had a close call!). Was suprised that the hospital still had some stuff still remaining and that it hasn`t had much damage and chav attacks. We didn`t find the morgue, has anyone seen it?

Pretty much every window had signs about the gaurd dogs and we saw some dog crap and loads of doggy footprints. Also saw the raio and TV room, which had what looked like a makeshift bed against a cupboard, also a bottle of coke containing a funny yellowy liquid.

Im sure pretty much all of the photos have been covered in other reports, but thought id add them anyway.



Inspired by others phtos of these phones