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Report - Mansfield General Hospital, December 2011


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Many thanks to tablets for providing the transport for this one. Had a brilliant time and really enjoyed being here. More thanks to jST and catbalou for advice and info.

Got to the place about midday and got in promptly. Access into the site was far easier than expected, with thankfully no ripped clothes compared to what's been said in other experiences, and no problems with anti climb paint either! Thanks to the info we got in very swiftly but initially ended up at dead ends a couple of times when I climbed through windows which led to doors screwed shut. Luckily we eventually found a window which got us in. The original building at the front is in bad condition now (hardly surprising for a '92 closure) with a massive hole in the roof. Got in to find some nice original fittings and a complete lack of graffiti (only stuff I saw was some "... woz ere..." off a corridor which was negligible and the inevitable graffiti from staff on their last day) and plenty of natural decay. That said I was very worried about the floors being wooden, and seeing plenty of holes in the floor but we were OK. Got to the end of a corridor... there's a barricade... oh that's OK it's been kicked in. We were in to the main building, which being pure brick and concrete was in better condition. It's gotta be said getting in is nowhere near as hard as many reports suggest, unless you count the nosey locals (who were having a day off when we went haha :D). Personally I have to say I'm surprised that given the length of closure there's no chav damage except window damage and a small amount of graffiti yet the place has been badly pikeyed!

I know he's not like Elwyn but given what's been said about security and how good he is at his job I personally was constantly on alert about being caught so we started off with the top floor and progressed to the bottom floor. I must say it's very easy to mistake something moving like wall crumbling or whatever for him so you have to be weary, which is why we had a few false alarms. One point we were on the ground floor, thought we heard him at one end of the corridor where he gets in so we shut ourselves in a room at the other end for 10 mins before realizing no-one was there. We were OK after that.

















It's among the best explores I've ever done, although I was pretty disappointed that I missed the morgue and the bit that was converted to a school post closure. I looked around the entire hospital but I didn't actually go outside to look for it, despite seeing what looked like the morgue from outside. Oh well, for the 3 or so hours we spent in there I was wholly satisfied.

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