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Report - - Marchon, Whitehaven, 5.6.07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Marchon, Whitehaven, 5.6.07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Visited with shaggy back on tuesday, its dissapearing fast, starting with the asbestos ridden sections.

Hi vis and hats didn't really stop ppl from phoning security/police as one then the other buzzed around site/perimeter (respectivey) security honking their horn and searching buildings :mad:

the largest industrial building on site, with a masshoove hopper.

a door to no where. in the s7 production line area.

the remains of the soap boxing line :confused:

in th attic of the production line.

the soap conveyor

didn't fancy going in this area, its a 2storey room with fancy ventilation in one of the larger buildings and on the outer of the building (now demo'd as of yesterday) there were 'warning enzymes in use today' notices.

looks like the thunderbirds masks :thumb

more production line soap conveyor. and more disturbingly, a HUGE hopper on its side out the front half full of crystalised soap.

I tried selective colour on this, but ended up not getting far, suggestions?

damaged process equipment, the cause of death of most industrial sites with their rising repair costs :(


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Re: Marchon, Whitehaven, Report, 5.6.07


thought this fella looked a bit like Ignignokt from aqua teen hunger force, he looks like...

that is one BIG MUTHA of a demo digger :eek: :cool: love to have a go in that. We were gonna go and get some shots on it, but it was raining, and this was the time when security came for a drive and a rumage :rolleyes:

coming down from the very large hopper building (200tonne hopper maybe?), I nearly fell thru the circular steel walkway at its top (first pic is the big one) to a dead drop the full height of that building, a genuine touch cloth moment :D

the very dirty control room underneath the mega hopper, and looking at the integrity of whats left of the hopper supports, I would NOT be hanging around in this room unless I was getting paid plenty!

we then took a leisurely stroll to the main office block. found many ways in, and then the kitchens. and mmmm the cake stand!
Theres plenty to see in the office buildings, the entire computer stacks are still there, a 'saftey library' whatever the hell that is, and upstairs is more humid than Malayasia :eek: with ALL kinds of mould and fungus growing on everything, :yuk e.g. during a 3-5 second shot, you WILL have to wipe the lense clean :eek:


Not much more to add other than whats in Horgakxx and Dempseys reports, its a brill site, loads of 'stuff' very very little evidense of chav's and pikies, AND rumours of a mine :thumb

edit: no we didn't get caught, we hid in a very high place for 20mins and watched them aimlessly driving around and honking their horn, then getting out in the s7 wharehouses and came upto about 1.5 floors below us, was quite funny really! oh and the 2-3police cars drove the fence at about 8-10mph looking in! we were well out of sight, but all the same, kept us wharey when we were out in the open!

OH, highlight of the explore was being in a room nr the boardroom (last pic) with a mouldy floor, walking clean out into th room to see a guy on the other side of the road looking at us, he was painting his upstairs ceiling and must have seen my AF light LOL. I came round corner, saw him, took a step back, photo'd him, then waved and retreated! Pure comedy!
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