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Hey hey, im new here, my mate showed me the site, and i was instantly captivated. Where i live there are many mine adits which my and my friends explore( ill post one of them tomorrow) so thought id marvel in your finds and share mine!!!

Anywhoo, a while back i was in anglesey at my relatives caravan and within 5 minutes walk almost on the coast we spotted this little underground room.

Its very small, a little hatch leads to some ladders go down these and you find opposite this a small toilet room, to the right is a larger room with not much in it (as you can see in the pics) theres a small vent in the top of the pic where you see a pic of my cousin, this faces out to the sea, and if i remember correctly, towards the direction of liverpool.

I havent a clue anything else about it so just thought id show ya!!!

The images may be large in size (havent had the time to resize, soz about that!!!




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