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Report - Martello tower no.28 Enchantress tower,Rye 4/1/09


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74 Martello Towers were built along the coast of kent and east Sussex, between 1805 and 1808 to guard against invastion by N napoleon along with defensive measures such as forts,Redoubts and Royal Military Canal.

Visited with The126

This was one hell of a climb to get in never mind getting on the roof of it. Had to use bits and bobs we found laying around. We made
a ladder to get up the first 8foot but even after that there was 7foot left to climb up. The126 made it up first but dint wont
to face the jump of death over to the steps and the mass amount of bird crap. I some how made it over the gap with a drop of 15foot
ish above. The poop was half a foot deep in some places. Anyway i made it to the top and back down. Really lovely thing to be on top of
even with the mass pigeon poop with its age ete. Only a few photo as i could not stand the smell for to long inside.The126 should have some more for you all to see.




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