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Report - mecca bingo swindon, old theater and cinema's


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big thanks to klempner69 for this :thumb

orignally statred out as the regent theater in 1929, staying open to entertain the swindon folk for 23 years before it became the gaumont theater in 1952



then changing again 11 years later in june 1963 to become the odean cinema


then the owners decided to turn it in to a bingo hall which was to become the top rank bingo hall in 1974, where it was thrived for over 30 years,but then with the arrival of the smoking ban in 2007 where it all went down hill just before having its name changed to the present mecca bingo shortly before its closure in april 2008 as far as i am aware the ceiling has been in place from when it first started out and is stunning as well as being in perfect condition

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