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Report - - Mepal Outdoor Centre - Cambridge - July 2019 | Leisure Sites |

Report - Mepal Outdoor Centre - Cambridge - July 2019

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The Witness

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
This one has been covered before but not recently so here's an update!

Visited this one on the way back from the infamous RAF upwood!.... we actually passed it by accident and then i remembered it was abandoned! This place was an outdoor activity centre with a nice big lake out the back for raft building , kayaking etc! I actually went here on a school trip in my teens as did my brother before me, so was a nice trip down memory lane!....... now though it is pretty beaten up and has been home to a fair few raves just recently! think the last one was new years eve..... as you can imagine smashed glass everywhere a fair bit of rubbish too! there was absolutely no security on site either we pretty much parked right outside and walked in the front door (not very convert i know!). although it is in pretty bad shape it is home to some pretty decent graffiti! if you have been to RAF upwood before and seen some of the masterpieces there you will know what I mean! similar circles it would seem....

apparently there was a fire at the site and the cost was soo much that they decided against repairing the damage and thus it has sat ever since!

I dont claim to be a decent photographer more of a point and shoot kind of guy! not an awful lot to see apart from the graffiti and to chill out by the lake!

Ariel shot from google maps!

More Pics!!




More pics to follow!
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Calamity Jane

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Nice bright shots there, looks like an interesting outside mooch. :thumb Is this East Cambridgeshire? If it is it should be in title, just for easy finding and per forum rules. But other than that I like a bit of graffiti on the right spots. Still think we should have a graffiti thread lol. I've seen this written about in news papers etc. Raves. travelers etc

The Witness

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
iv added cambridge into the title now , a graffiti post is a good idea! dont get me wrong i cant stand pointless graffiti but some of the places i have visited around Cambridge have some real masterpieces! not the first time a rave has been held there thats for sure! .

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