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Report - middelton mine march 2010


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this was one of the locations on a very funny road trip, after a late night drive over to petzl's on the thursday got my sleeping kit ready, but ended up heading to the pubs in bristol till 1am in the morning, way to much pear cider and having a laugh we ended up falling asleep at 2 am

6 am the alarms where buzzing, we where up, kit chucked i the car and a nice little drive to die hards house, a small sat nav fail moment but we where there, couple of things todo on the friday and an epic night out in leicster, way to much drink, baby face gang and a tittie bar ticket issue, but we had a laugh,again not getting in till 1.30 am and all hell broke lose, air beds where very noisey especially D.H.L having a brand new un soiled one with an electric pump, shit that woke the people down the street up let alone his missis and kids, then petzl decides to run and jump on the bed only nearly knocking the massive tv of, photos went crashing to the floor ahahaha it was funny, again not getting to sleep till 2 am ish

up on the saturday at 6 am and out the door headed over to a local explore for a couple of hours then headed up to middleton

we spent about 6 hours in here with only 8 hours sleep in 2 days, it wasnt the best time to go and to be fair i wasnt going to pop a report up untill we went back and spent some more time in there, with better torches lol, we where warned but i couldnt get any thing good before i went up so ended up using a tesco torch on a 2 min exposure on most of the shots

but exhaustion had got to us, the plan was to head in deep then take pics on the way back out, it never happend that way, by the time we got deepin we just needed to get back out and with a 4 hour drive home

but we had a laugh and it was a top weekend, 690 miles, 54 hours of fun, 8 hours of sleep in total, 2 sleep overs, 3 explorers, a drain, 2 quarrys, a factory,a pikey memorial, some bean bags, pear cider ( lots of ), the baby face gang, some one liners to remember for life, about 20 miles of walking a ski mask, waders,life jackets,lots of pics of ...d.h.l, alot of swearing, the dog from hell, stupid amounts of food and drink,thai bird in a box oh and some titty bar tickets.......! Lol, my legs hurt, I am cut and bruised and my ribs hurt from the laughing, but it was good, one of the best so far for comedy value, and FUN times, cheers to all that come, roll on the next one :thumb















D.H.L in the bottom right for size

one of the big tunnels

i put my camera away before we go to the lake, but got it back out for one last shot, need to do a better one next time

iron mixing with water over the years, its nice to see come colour down there

fuel pump


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