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Report - Millennium Tower Salford Quays (February 2017)


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Don't have a great deal of insightful commentary to share with you all, as this one's been covered on here a couple of times already (where do you think I got the idea from?), but thought I'd share nonetheless as this was my first successful attempt at making it to the roof of any building.

Millennium Tower is located at 250 The Quays and clocks in, I believe, at 22 floors. From the top you get some pretty expansive views of the wider Salford area, and you can also make out some of central Manchester's more imposing structures off in the middle distance. The trip went about as smoothly as one could ask, as there happened to be a guy stepping out to collect either drugs or a takeaway (still not entirely sure) just as I arrived, so I didn't need to hang about.

The only minor downside was that the roof was piss wet through, so after climbing out of the hatch I ended up rolling through a massive puddle which I could have done without. In all honesty though, I was so pumped from getting out there that I wasn't even really that arsed, still grinning to myself as I sat on the tram back in my soaking wet clothes.

Two of the photos came out sort-of-okay, so here they are:



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i'm sure this was the roof me, m8ty, Gronk & Vulex done,
nice views.
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Yep stonking views up there. Shame only 2 pics came out. But Beeing up there is special . Good stuff m8ty on getting up . Hope you dry now ;)

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