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Report - - Minster Hospital (Isle of Sheppey) | Asylums and Hospitals |

Report - Minster Hospital (Isle of Sheppey)

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Found this hospital last night after a visit to Sheerness Dockyard,found some info and was surprised the site is so old :
1636. The land and the money for Minster's first poorhouse was apparently donated to the people of Minster in a charitable trust by Sir John Hayward.
1789. The thatch of Minster Workhouse caught fire and the whole building was burnt down.
1834. Following the Poor Law Act, a Board of Guardians was set up to run a union of parish workhouses. It was known as the Union, and is situated in Union Road.
1889. A fire damaged Minster Workhouse,
1938. The Workhouse Union buildings were re-opened as Minster Hospital.
After a quick look around we were in,most of the windows were boarded up
and external staircases were removed,also couldn't get full access as many
of the doors were nailed shut.Didn't see any security and will be returning to
further investigate.
This is my first post on this site,hope you like the pics :thumb