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Report - MMU Hulme Campus Cranes - 02/01/2010


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I've stuck this in here as I know many people want to have a go at them, and security is already pretty high here, no need to make it worse for anyone else who wants to visit.

Thanks to Edd for the info on cameras n shiz.

Three cranes, many cameras, many PIRs.

Chose the middle size crane (forgot to take a shot of the board that tell you the height) and the highest one having a board around the base, made this one the easy choice.

The skirt is a bit of a funny one, rather than being the normal wire mesh barrier, it's one of those spiky rotaty things. I've tried to find them online, but all I can find are articles that say they're illegal :s. Also, I forgot to photograph them. So, fail.

All three cranes have them, they're spiked, in many different directions, and all three are locked, so you'll have to be inventive about getting around them.

However, the views are stunning.

Visited with Solomon, with Alley taking ground shots.




Spot the Bigjobs

and the normal pano :D

Was a good, if cold, night. Felt good to get high again, it's been too long :D
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