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Report - - MOD Testing site,Woolwich Arsenal 16-03-08 | Military Sites |

Report - MOD Testing site,Woolwich Arsenal 16-03-08

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Me and Dmax visited this government laboratory site last night,although it has been abandoned for the last 10 years it is still patrolled inside by a 24 hr security team as it's close proximitary to Belmarsh,a cat A prison.
After some time we got inside,slowly checking around only to walk almost into a security guard who was no more than 30ft away walking towards us:eek:
we somehow managed to escape up some stairs where we remained silent hoping we were ok !
After 10 mins we heard police sirens and barking dogs which were definately coming our way and thought we were done for.
After 1 hr or so we went for it,but it was so dark and could not use flash
we did find the Analytical Laboratory where Dmax found a Biological hazard sign.This place was strange and you could only guess what might have gone on here ?
The diggers are already here and it's mainly been stripped out now,but It was good fun,heres some pics ;)









The Lab


Dmax being very quiet !

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