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Report - - Mondial House Demo, London - 13/03/07 | High Stuff |

Report - Mondial House Demo, London - 13/03/07

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Palace Fan

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
This wasn't our original choice. We choice a crane in Finbury Square. We recce'd the site and found it pretty hard to get in, just before giving up Tank found the only way past the double height hoarding. Once in, it was a doddle. Stairs to the roof, then onto the leg halfway up. We passed the top layer of scaffolding only to find the roof of the building next door had a dozen workers on it. As the location wasn't worth the bust we moved to the Thames knowing there was another less populated area with a crane.

Entry was simplicity itself, as it was demolition site, there was no security at all. Once in we found the crane leg started two levels below ground in the sub-basement. It took us an age to find the leg underground in the semi dark and flooded basement!

Anyway here's the results.

The Belfast


The Nest


End of the Jib


Bring em on Tank!