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Report - Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory


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The Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory is based in Cambridgeshire, I thought it'd be fun to visit while I was visiting my Mother in Cambridge.

The observatory has many telescopes, which are tracking things in space and around the solar system.
The university of Cambridge own the Observatory and all the land around it. The land is also based on the original train line from Cambridge to Oxford, the original line is shown in one of the photos...

Many of the telescopes now aren't working, due to the date of them, and how old they are. The newer telescopes can do what they need to much faster and more efficiently than the older models.

I just turned up and spoke to a very nice man, named Clive, he knows about this site, and keeps up to date with reports from the area... (Thanks Clive!) He showed me around to some of the scopes, gave me information on them, also let me in to some of the locked places! It was very fun, he told me I could come back when the sun is setting to get some nice shots of the black telescopes.
I think he enjoyed the visit as much as I did!​

The Photos:


The biggest Telescope, called "Merlin" You can see this 'scope from all around the area.


One of the black Telescopes





A really interesting telescope, which isn't the famous "Mile long" one that I thought it was... :(


Dishes inside a dish! He let me into this, as they were turned off for maintence.




These dishes were moved further back in the site, they were originally towards the front, they now sit back on the original Cambridge to Oxford site.


The road, which IS the line of Cambridge to Oxford line.


These aren't used anymore, but I call them the "Starwars Dishes"


The original station house for the train tracks!

I hope you enjoy the report, I enjoyed doing this, it was really fun and interesting to explore.


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