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Report - NeQo goes Chernobyl, Part 1


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Ok, time to put some new stuff on line:

The Chernobyl experience!
Aka Чорнобильський: Ймення Зорі

I'm going to release a new gallery every week from now on,
with all the different locations and parts from Chernobyl and Pripyat i have visited.

You'll see, i divided it in different locations.
Just because that place it to big and has to many different aspects to make just 1 gallery.
This is not the usual "touristic" tour, but a more extended view.
(Don't worry, the Ferris wheel will be in it later...)
I'll try to give you all a complete view of that wonderful place.

So hang on, because the last part is going to be the best part...

Part 1:
The Unfinished Cooling Towers