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Report - - Neville Martins Yard, Bruntingthorpe,Leics,30/10/94 | Other Sites |

Report - Neville Martins Yard, Bruntingthorpe,Leics,30/10/94

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A man called Martyn

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
This was my second visit to this yard that year having first being allowed access during a LPG open day back in may.The most recent aircraft to join the yard was Victor XH562 which was in the process of being broken up at the Aerospace Museum, RAF Cosford.Only the cockpit was saved. I have always liked seeing aircraft in Odd locations or in scrapyards.The only other yard that comes to mind is the Flowers scrapyard in Chippenham that had a badly hacked about seahawk and other relics from the RAF Museum at Colerne.Since this trip to bruntingthorpe Neville martins set up goes by the name of Phoenix Aviation and functions more like a museum now.

I brought the hubcaps off this wessex at an aerojumble at Bruntingthorpe the following year and used one to form the basis of a hanging basket

This is the second prototype Jet Provost T.5

The nose section of Victor XH562,which was in a poor state at Cosford and scrapped to make way for Victor XH672 that come direct from service with 55 Sqn service who had only recently retired the type.

This canberra nose section sports the much feared blue cross on the nose


Stripped out cockpit of the victor



As an added reward for the trip these two Buccaneers had arrived from storage at St Athan that weekend and were in the process of being reassembled after they had being off loaded from the trailers.

This Buccaneer had being painted in a 809 sqn Royal Navy Colour scheme, to mark the types retirement from service
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