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Toby Cat

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I visited this post today, the Norham-on-Tweed ROC Post is in Northumberland, located about 8 miles West of Berwick just off the A698.

The structure is in good condition, however, the hatch is locked from the inside, there are 2 padlocks on the hatch but these serve no purpose, the hatch has been locked from inside, there is a small hole on the hatch, so I gather some sort of tool could be used to open the hatch.
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I visited this post today to find the structure in good condition, however, the hatch is locked from the inside.
Very informative :rolleyes:

Any clue to a location etc ?

Also, the nature of these things is they are often locked, the ones left open are usually filled with sheep piss and junk sadly, all the restored ones are locked

Toby Cat

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28DL Member
Thanks Ojay, just edited my first post, thought I would mention the locked hatch just to give a heads up to anyone thinking of visiting the site in the near future.


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You need a T Bar Key to open the hatch, it doesn't have a Torlift Hatch. It is a T shaped key with two metal flats at right angles near the bottom.

It's a nice post inside. Though last time I was there the lock was really seized up so you would need some WD40 I would think.

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