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Report - North East Wales Hospital/Denbigh Lunatic Asylum



Ok, I wont include the history of this magnificent building, as there have already been a few other reports on this site.

I have visited "The Asylum" about 4 or 5 times now, and I have developed what seems to be an obsession with the place! Despite visiting this many times, I am yet to get caught by the grounds keeper (The Bearded One, as he is also known on this website.)

However, the last time I visited (4th May 2010) we did have a close call! Basically, within 5 minutes of us entering the site, he drove down the road in his white van. Luckily we managed to disappear into what I believe used to be the kitchens, and down some corridors.

Despite his presence, we persisted with the visit, trying our best to avoid him at all costs! In a previous visit (actually, the day before - 3rd May) we encountered some local chavs making our visit a little tough, mainly by deciding to throw bricks and stones at us from an upper level!

All-in-all, I would highly recommend people to visit this beautiful building! Points of interest are the morgue, padded cells (can be hard to find), and any of the courtyards near the main building (these have good photo opportunities of the beautiful building)

Finally, I apologies for the length of this report, I just seem to get a buzz of excitement just thinking about the place! Anyways, here are some pictures I got. I have loads more if anyone is interested, get in touch!