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Report - - North Weald Redoubt - North Weald - August 2023 | Military Sites |

Report - North Weald Redoubt - North Weald - August 2023

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Lots of History on the site so I will keep mine pretty brief, Lots of these sites were built around London to keep safe from a possible invasion they are not abandoned. North Weald Redoubt is a fine example of a rare type of historic monument, a mobilisation centre for the defence of London, built towards the end of the 19th century. The site occupies high ground to the east of North Weald Bassett, within an area most recently used as Ongar Radio Station, strategically located at the highest point in the area. The redoubt is one of the best-preserved examples of 13 such centres constructed for the defence of London during the 1890s, and it survives with few modifications from the War Office plans produced in 1892 and 1904. North Weald Redoubt, the most northerly mobilisation centre, was also the first, constructed in 1890 to guard against an attack on London through East Anglia. Additions and alterations to the redoubt are a result of its later use as part of a radio station, between 1919 and 1982, when the old buildings of 1892 and 1894 were used mainly used for storage.

Arrived by the double-decker bus from Epping it was quite nice and only a short walk up to the Redoubt, Even saw a couple of very small trains on the tracks beside the fields leading up to Redoubt.
My first report hopefully is good enough but I thoroughly enjoyed the site However I do recommend not wearing shorts because I got stung and scratched all over by stinging nettles and thorn bushes




It looks like someone was trying to light up one of the rooms below with a LOT of candles like it was some damm ritual







It looked like someone was playing some airsoft before us in the 2 houses near the entrances


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Good first report and some decent pics. Looks pretty dry, how much of it is flooded at the moment?


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Its just the first picture building that's flooded and all the entrances to it are flooded but everything else is fine