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Report - North Woolwich, Various, Summer 2015


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Now I'll be honest, North Woolwich is a bit crap but it does have two interesting sites, one with some pretty interesting history.

The first site is the original Great Eastern Railway terminal station building at North Woolwich railway station. The building was in use as a ticket office until 1979 when it was replaced by a more austere building on the one remaining platform. It was derelict for many years until its opening as a museum in 1984. The line was electrified in 1985 when it became part of the North London Line but closed on 9 December 2006. All that remains now is a thoroughly bordered up building and and lots of overgrown railway line and platform.


Tracks to the left (Not sure why I was looking through the ring)


Now the next site is even more of a dump. A pier for the first ferry across the water run by Eastern Counties Railway(ECR) for there was no rail connection at the time. In 1889 the free Woolwich Ferry(Still going today) opened up just upstream and ECR could no longer compete. The pier closed in 1908 and was used briefly in WW2 but has been left derelict since.




Bit of a long report but hopefully I can be forgiven. Neither of these two sites are really worth individual reports.


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